Stahlwerk hose press SW-H100

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Discover the ultimate partner for all your construction needs with the Stahlwerk Germany SW-H100 hose press. This powerful machine is specifically designed for the construction and hydraulics sector, making it an indispensable tool for professionals working with construction machinery, high-pressure hoses and hydraulic equipment.

With advanced hydraulic component technologies, the SW-H100 offers excellent performance and durability, allowing you to rely on consistent results project after project. The compact and versatile construction of this press not only makes it efficient and easy to use, but also easy to maintain, making your workflow smoother and completing your projects without interruption.

The Stahlwerk Germany hose press delivers efficiency and precision for all your construction projects. With a press range of 6-51mm (adjustable) and a maximum pressure of 400T, you can rely on the SW-H100 to meet all your requirements. With specifications such as a power of 4kW, a speed of 1400 R/MIN and a pressing speed of 3-5 seconds per pass, this machine takes your productivity to new heights while enhancing the quality of your work.

Whether you are working on large construction projects or precise hydraulic installations, the Stahlwerk Germany SW-H100 hose press is ready to take your projects to the next level. Experience the benefits of this innovative machine yourself and increase your productivity and quality today!


380V, 50Hz, three phase.
4kW (oil pump motor).
Press range inner diameter
6-51mm (adjustable).
Maximum pressure
1400 R/MIN.
Oil pump displacement
15 ml/wheel.
Linearity accuracy
Nominal bra pressure
31.5 MPa.
Press speed
3-5 seconds per pass.
8006301290 mm.